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Square Foot Gardening: The Benefits of Using the Right Tools

If you're into gardening and want to maximize your yields while minimizing the amount of space you use, then you should consider Square Foot Gardening (SFG). It's a method that involves dividing your garden into smaller squares and planting a specific number of seeds in each square based on the crop's needs. This allows you to grow more plants in less space while reducing the amount of soil, water, and fertilizer required.

However, to make the most of your SFG garden, you need the right tools. One of the handiest tools I've found to maximize your space, keep your OCD in check (like me), and make square foot gardening a breeze is this little fella - the "Seeding Square".

I wish I could be the one to have invented this because it is a must have and a top seller on Amazon. Made of a rigid plastic, there are color coded circles that identify where the hold needs to be made. How do I make the hole you ask? Easy! Included with this tool is a dibbler, which contains a magnet and sticks to slot in the square foot tool to ensure you won't ever lose it! If you're working with small seeds, fear not, as a funnel is also included (check the back of the tool once you get you it). Happy gardening everyone!

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